January 14, 2013 § 1 Comment

Everything feels cloudy. Feeling out of place. The cold, the relative intensity of the season. Facing a lot of mirrors, maybe learning more about my failings than strengths. The turn in the weather is making my bad ankle swell, ache. It is quiet here in the suburbs. Sleeping in a single bed, reminders of holidays spent in mildura and with my nana and papa. The rooms void of a person, so things like a lamp or wallpaper loom large. The closed in porch. The nightmares about robots in the walls. The side of the house with forgotten plant trestles and empty pots. The large water tower. Here it is a cul de sac. Everyone has lights. I feel very lonely.



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In some areas it sounds high pitched, soft and constant where it falls from a gutter or building siding, then it is the insistent pattering on a skylight, and the rounded drumming on the metal roofing. When you ride through it, the sound is a splat splat on your raincoat hood and the wet divide of the bike wheel through a puddle. Over and under everything is the hush of rain on a lake, white noise, replacing all your thoughts.


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Thunder just now, the rain has been pattering for about 10 minutes. I always forget I have a balcony, remembered I wanted to have chairs out there. my arms is so swollen and painful.

I remember living in Peterborough – a small country town in South Australia, in our federation villa, with the toilet in a little brick outhouse in the backyard just before the fig tree. And when it stormed a lot, you had to wear gum boots to the toilet because the house was on a little hill and the backyard would flood a bit, and it would basically be a mud bath around your feet.

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