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I woke up with a piece of gold in my mouth. I could not prise my teeth apart. In the hut out back someone was washing clothes in the wooden tub – that was its purpose. Golden-mouthed I turned in bed legs searching for a cooler part.

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the snow does strange things to my ocular sensitivity. the brightness of the fresh powdered snow sparks at the edge of my vision field. It made my hair gleam in front of my eyes as if under a black light. the outlines of my legs and arms as I walked had traces of ultraviolet in their wake, auras. certain light must bounce back, refracted, coating all the lines and contours with a fuzz of liquid purple, blue, glow.

Pulsating. Inside the supermarket it took ages for my eyes to adjust and when I closed them a lake of green. degenerate eyesight. pulsar state.

Skagaströnd day 16

March 19, 2013 § Leave a comment

There is another snow storm today, the wind is high and outside is all white, can just see the wood workshop across the street.

A few people in the studios yesterday were looking at the weather maps and it showed pinks and purples on the wind scale. This means winds of 40-50km per hour, with snow. The wind chill will likely mean the temp feels like -14 celsius, while the actual temperature is about -4.

People who are here now, like Margaret who lives in Dawson City in the Yukon is used to it being much colder, but for me and also Lidia, who is from Brazil, the weather is something of a revelation.

I took some video last night of the snow fall as it was just starting up and it looks like stars. That will be a work I think, the atmosphere of a weather experience is more celestial than imagined.

I have not left the house today and am concerning myself with household duties which I have been neglecting. I ordered a bunch of art supplies, ink and paper and watercolours, they should arrive in the post in the next few days and I am really interested in seeing what I can produce in that way (not my usual mediums).

I am also cultivating some moss, which has just started to peek through the snow and ice which blankets a lot of the ground. Some of it is so vibrant, a plush carpet, some is like a thick spongy blanket, and others are strands like hair that weave and course over rocks, dirt, weeds…

ég er hreiður og hellir

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Am I so cautious? I dreamed I was a beast, covered in hair, and I slept in a nest of hair. Then I awoke, thrashing about, and outside the top of the mountain was covered by a dark cloud. Up on the top, on the flat table of rock that is the peak, my hair bristled and shook at the dawn.


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i feel like all my insides are raw, i think it is the cool air, it feels thinner up here, as if i am at high altitude. i could not sleep so i walked to the studio but i forgot my key so i had to go back home but i could not find my keys at all, which is frustrating. i thought they were in my pocket. my housemates had just returned home so i borrowed theirs.

some local kids were driving about town and they gave me a lift back to the house and then to the studio again. they wanted juice for their vodka, i guess they are not such seasoned drinkers that they can’t netk their vodka straight. the boys were your typical young 20s guys, eager, sardonic. broken english. the girls came into the studio to pee. they wanted to stay longer but i said no, to come back during the day.

the studio is about a 15 minute walk from the house. sometimes the road gets icy and i have almost slipped. now i make sure i tred firm, fast to the ground.

i took some more video of some machines in the town, the snow plow. i climbed some snow ridges and took photos of the beautiful mountain that overlooks the town. as the sun rises and travels then sets, the shade of the mountain and the way it forms relief against the sky changes in colour, hue, saturation. the outline of the mountain is so stark and crisp. like a cutout. it almost seems too real.


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This is my body; this is what it’s good for

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I need skills in making light fixtures, smoke bombs & contour drawings.

I have some ideas of making geometric labyrinths in snow with lights based on local legends of sightings / paths / hiding places.

Also making myself some sort of cipher?

THIS IS MY BODY (this is my body)

THIS IS WHAT IT’S GOOD FOR (this is what it’s good for).

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