This is Spiritual and Physical: Seventh Gallery

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My work This is Spiritual and Physical is showing at Seventh Gallery in Melbourne, through to 15 April 2016. Thank you to Kate Clark for her work on the soundscape.

This is Spiritual and Physical presents video shot in Scotland and Iceland over several years that documents farming and rural life and sites of pilgrimage. The imagery explores the physical and aesthetic characteristics of landscape use for work and that which is visited for its spiritual significance, and aims to elucidate the correspondence between the output of the work generated by a body performing repetitive labour and that generated by spiritual pilgrimage.

This is Spiritual and Physical, HD video with sound, 19m 16s, 2016. Stills:

Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 11.26.45 pmScreen Shot 2016-03-26 at 11.27.54 pmScreen Shot 2016-03-26 at 11.27.12 pmScreen Shot 2016-03-26 at 11.26.07 pmScreen Shot 2016-03-26 at 11.28.13 pm



Farmers etc

November 21, 2014 § 1 Comment

I am still set on my idea of wayfinding and placemarking as the topic for any eventual PhD I attempt to do. I am still going through all the images from my trip to Finland, Scotland and Iceland.

There is this residency in the Arctic I have been eyeing off for years. Maybe this is the time I actually apply. I don’t know.

The below are all from series Farmers 2014.

farmers 000008 twigs1

Farmers | Bændur

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The autumnal country of Skagastrond in Iceland and the young women who live there.

10698716_10154611587880611_7187116325906908090_n 10678653_10154611587750611_4282926520300767427_n

Abandoned | hylätty

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I do a lot of walking/riding around as far as I can get – the roads are rocky and hilly, so my boundaries are not as far flung as I would like. On a recent ride I came across two abandoned and derelict buildings, one which is now just the worn down walls and foundation, with trees and plants growing in it like a makeshift botanic garden.

The second house has a circular area, almost like a grotto, which remind me of the Norman Lindsay house in the mountains in Sydney. I would like to make a work here.

There are so so many mosquitos that being spontaneous doesn’t really work. you have to slather yourself in mosquito repellant and wear, as I have started doing, a combat jacket, boots and a hat with a mesh wrap around head covering. I sort of look like a militarised bee-keeper.

I wish the mosquitoes had been outlined more. There may be mosquitos! No, there will be hundreds of them, swarming to every inch of bare skin not covered in repellant, and they will weed through your hair to sting your head. you will find it impossible to go for walks, rides, swim in the lake (whcih we did and then assaulted by mosquitos as our ward-off had slithered off in the water).

Swimming in the lake was fun but so nerve-wracking. Though I remember times in the tubes in the Murray River as a child, tethered to Nana’s houseboat, a persistant fear has grown in me of surrendering myself to the abyss of blackness, where things lurking are about to slide against your leg or bite your arse at any time.

Tonight I took three photographs on film before surrendering to the mosquito attack. I cant pretend its not frustrating.

house4 house3 house2 house1 house


Midnight Sun

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For M.

When I was in Iceland, towards the end of May, the time between sunset and sunrise became smaller each day. We used to look at the weather report and see the times inch closer to each other. The period of “night” became something like an hour or an hour and a half before I left, a quiet blue.

It feels here that it becomes “dark” or the point of least incidental light at around 12:30pm. The pull towards darkness begins at about 10:30pm when you see the long point of the sun just above the horizon and this shear of light gleams across everything and passes over the tops of the trees outside my window. There is a slice of peach to pink to purple in the sky then, sitting against the horizon, soft and beckoning, before it fades to the beautiful blue.

That blue colour draws down from the top most point of the sky, the shift is slow but total. The trees change colour, the ground changes colour, as does the building. There is a sheen of blue almost like an aura, and it surrounds everything. The contrast is low, and some far away objects become indistinct. Even sounds feel like they become blue, or crisper, with the slightest metallic edge. The wind in the trees carries and it sounds like water against the shore.

But there is still the light. The sky is opaque, that is how it feels, or like a pearl with that gleam, perhaps like blown glass –  it has this colour as if it were an object and I could place my hand against it.  There is enough light that bees still work amongst the flowers. The light promotes a restlessness. i am constantly looking through my blinds, watching the shift, trying to recognise the point when it is dark.

The air is cooler of course, and being outside at this time confuses me. The ground is cool against my feet, it is very quiet and still. My mind recognises the signs that say this is darkness, but of course it is not. i want to explore but I am scared. I do not know if animals are affected – do they come out at this time, are they less afraid? What might i fail to see? But I am also drawn – these blues are hypnotic.

I am scared my cameras will not capture this light. I have taken some with the phone camera, but they do not show the blue as all pervasive. These were taken variously from 10:30pm and 12:30pm last night.

midnight8 midnight7 midnight6 midnight5 midnight4 midnight3 midnight2 midnight1 midnight


Photographic prints sale

April 4, 2014 § 1 Comment

I have some limited edition photographic prints for sale in support of my upcoming 6 month 3 x residencies in Finland, Norway and Lithuania and research and meetings with some overseas universities in support of my PhD application.


  • Chromogenic prints from negative on Kodak Endura archival paper, unframed.
  • Edition of five + AP, numbered and signed.
  • Three tiers of sizes from $160 to $360. Sizes can be seen here:
  • Prices in AUD. International shipping can be arranged at an additional cost.


  • Paypal (inc. secure credit card payment) to Please include the name and size of the print and your postal address.
  • Alternatively I can send you a PayPal invoice, please email me your PayPal address and details of the print you want to purchase.
  • For Australian buyers I also accept cash and direct deposit.

If there is an image on my website you would like but isn’t shown below, please email me. I have many works and happy to discuss size, themes, colours etc.


Bloom (Berlin), 2004-2010, chromogenic print from negative
60 x 47 $160
81 x 63 $260
100 x 77 $360

Marlaina Read 2

Kinma (Death Valley), 2010, chromogenic print from negative
50 x 40 $160
74 x 60 $260
100 x 81 $360


Spákonufell (Iceland), 2012, chromogenic print from negative
50 x 40 $160
74 x 60 $260
100 x 81 $360


Búlandstindur (Iceland), 2013, chromogenic print from negative
60 x 40 $160
80 x 52 $260
100 x 66 $360


Mountain (Death Valley), 2012, chromogenic print from negative
50 x 40 $160
74 x 60 $260
100 x 81 $360


Skagaströnd Street (Iceland), 2013, chromogenic print from negative
60 x 40 $160
80 x 52 $260
100 x 66 $360


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Issue 08 is now available to download at Cover by Ioana Cîrlig.

Featuring work by Nine Eglantine Yamamoto-Masson, Shaun Fraser, Ioana Cîrlig, Gal Amiram, Justin Tyler Tate, Todd Anderson Kunert, Jolene Mok, Kara J Schmidt, Olivier Scher, Tim Van Der Meer, prOphecy sun, Ben McGee, Lilian Kreutzberger, Alexa Black, Ryan Hogan, Jon Henry, Christine Mackey, Yuula Benivolski, Leah DeVun and Ann Deslandes.

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