All the lights which can be seen at the same time

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The shape of mountains. The weight of mountains. Stand at the base, the summit, the precipice. See how the clouds bend around the mountains? See how the light falls through and down, cascading like water. So many aspects seen at once. How everything changes.


Two aspects of Iceland in May

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collidon iceeee ridges
Adventures in film-based processing.

The northern end

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Aspects of my end of town in Skagastrond, Iceland. Some 35mm film shots and test scans.




Painting number 1

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Spákonufell, Prophetess Mountain of Þordis # 1
Ink finger-painting on Hahnemühle paper, 78 x 106cm, 2013

This is the first painting in a series I am doing inspired by this mountain. When I wake up it is the first thing I look at. If the colour or light or cloud formation strikes me, I get on my coat and pants and trundle out to photograph.

I dont ever paint. My ‘form’ is such that i am not confident with a brush, how they operate, how to make things not just look like basic line work. So I used ink, black and white, and used my fingers and hand to craft the image. There is something quite instinctual in me to use hands. I often eat with my hands too. I also find it odd to use a pen or pencil.

The next one is a blue image of the mountain cloaked in a halo of cloud. Chris and Mel brought back some fur and leather from their out of town trip today, and they gave me a small piece of blue. It looks like a sky.

I have also asked another artist from Nes, Katelyn Clark, who was here last month, to work on an installation piece of soundscape and film. She has a doctorate in musicology and when she was here she played this amazing improvised piece in the local church on her custom made organetto – an instrument from the 12th century i think. The sounds were so perfect, long, calling like ship horns. I have some ideas for metronomes.

Plus my boat and trek up the mountain with said boat will be in a public program and catalogue ‘Summer we go public’ here in Iceland. I am all over doing some proposals for back home too, and Electrofringe….

ég er hreiður og hellir

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Am I so cautious? I dreamed I was a beast, covered in hair, and I slept in a nest of hair. Then I awoke, thrashing about, and outside the top of the mountain was covered by a dark cloud. Up on the top, on the flat table of rock that is the peak, my hair bristled and shook at the dawn.


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i feel like all my insides are raw, i think it is the cool air, it feels thinner up here, as if i am at high altitude. i could not sleep so i walked to the studio but i forgot my key so i had to go back home but i could not find my keys at all, which is frustrating. i thought they were in my pocket. my housemates had just returned home so i borrowed theirs.

some local kids were driving about town and they gave me a lift back to the house and then to the studio again. they wanted juice for their vodka, i guess they are not such seasoned drinkers that they can’t netk their vodka straight. the boys were your typical young 20s guys, eager, sardonic. broken english. the girls came into the studio to pee. they wanted to stay longer but i said no, to come back during the day.

the studio is about a 15 minute walk from the house. sometimes the road gets icy and i have almost slipped. now i make sure i tred firm, fast to the ground.

i took some more video of some machines in the town, the snow plow. i climbed some snow ridges and took photos of the beautiful mountain that overlooks the town. as the sun rises and travels then sets, the shade of the mountain and the way it forms relief against the sky changes in colour, hue, saturation. the outline of the mountain is so stark and crisp. like a cutout. it almost seems too real.

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