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I woke up with a piece of gold in my mouth. I could not prise my teeth apart. In the hut out back someone was washing clothes in the wooden tub – that was its purpose. Golden-mouthed I turned in bed legs searching for a cooler part.

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Waking up here in Australia is different in just about every way. The sea here is also.

ég er hreiður og hellir

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Am I so cautious? I dreamed I was a beast, covered in hair, and I slept in a nest of hair. Then I awoke, thrashing about, and outside the top of the mountain was covered by a dark cloud. Up on the top, on the flat table of rock that is the peak, my hair bristled and shook at the dawn.

hljóð og dvöl

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the river is swollen beneath the ice and her sound is an echo of intent.


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Books for the North – more reading

January 23, 2013 § 1 Comment

Albanov, In the Land of White Death
Barrow, Chronological History of Voyages into the Arctic Regions
Basho, The Narrow Road to the Deep North
Berton, Arctic Grail
Brandt, ed., The North Pole: A Narrative History
Davidson, The Idea of North
de Veer, Three Voyages of William Barentsz
Dillard, “An Expedition to the Pole”
Greely, Three Years of Arctic Service
Guttridge, The Ghosts of Cape Sabine
Kane, Arctic Explorations in Search of Sir John Franklin
Loomis, Weird and Tragic Shores
Lunde & Stone, Ibn Fadlan and the Land of Darkness
Mancall, Fatal Voyage
Mirsky, To the Arctic!
Nansen, Farthest North; In Northern Mists
Ransmayr, The Terrors of Ice and Darkness
Scoresby, An Account of the Arctic Regions
Shelley, Frankenstein
Spufford, I May be Some Time: Ice and the English Imagination
Verne, The Adventures of Captain Hatteras
Wilkinson, The Ice Balloon

Works in progress

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1. I spent time on one beach, transporting the stones from the shoreline to another beach area on the island, and then transporting sand from there to the first. People have such an investment in ‘taking things in’ and having an understanding or measure of a place, but now when people stand there at these places there will be a small part of it that has come from an unknown. An unknown unknown. I want to do this in Iceland too, where there is a beach of black sand.

2. I read blog posts of people who had visited the Island where they describe what what they did and where they went, and I went out to try and recreate their journey. An uninvited pilgrimage to the steps of unknown people.

3. I found feathers and made a nest, a sort of hyper-realistic one so that if someone stumbled on it, it might seem too perfect, too put together.

4. I walked some labyrinths and pulled a string behind me and at the end I buried a secret. But to get to the secret you have to find the string on your own accord and follow it, the same path. Maybe there is something there that will touch your head and so you have to bow to avoid it.

5. I have made a dictionary of ice/Arctic water forms from a variety of books I have read, and I am painting them, what I think they look like, as a sort of index of imagined forms. Maybe they will somehow resemble what they are if the term is exact enough, or makes me recall images seen briefly in my visual life. If I show them to other people as a representation, they might believe it.

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