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June 21, 2013 § 2 Comments

Film documentation of my installation A place prepared for sleep / Staður undirbúin fyrir svefn. 01:10, June 2013.

This film shows the delicate nature of the piece, specifically how each string corresponds with its neighbour – coalescing, diverging, moving in accord with the wind. In the background you can hear the waves of the Greenland Sea and birds calling.

The piece is situated on the cliffs of a peninsula, and the wind can have a strong affect on the waves of the sea in this area. A stronger wind produces vibrant movement by the strings, and also a corresponding louder soundscape from the sea. In time the sounds and the movement of the strings start to share a symbiosis.

It is at this point, at the realisation of the connection, that I start to focus off each specific string. It becomes part of my larger field of vision. The exploration of liminality in this piece, is how it draws out the space between the sound and physicality of a space. How the piece gives visibility to the surrounding sounds (which change), and gives audibility to that which is invisible in a sense (the way the wind passes over a certain place, the space just above the ground).

A place prepared for sleep marries these ‘in between’ aspects and in turn gives the space a grounding, or physicality. From there we can look at collectivity, and how we might share liminal spaces with others.

Documentation above by the inspiring Yogan Muller.

Please view in HD, headphones recommended.


Guido van Helten mural project – in collaboration

June 20, 2013 § 2 Comments

Huni_9W-940x626 Wall_1_closeLeftW1-940x705

Above is one of Guido van Helten’s beautiful, poignant and dominant large scale street art mural portraits painted in Skagastrond, Iceland, on blank building space gifted by the city for Guido’s work. Guido’s portraits are rendered beautifully,with a unique layering and opacity/transparency I have never seen in street art before.

This is one of two murals that were based on some portrait studies I took for Guido, featuring crew members of the Huni II, a restored Icelandic fishing boat from the 1960’s. I feel very privileged to have helped with the studies for these final pieces.

As for the Huni II, well, we went on that boat, in a rather memorable fashion

You can see more of his series here, completed while in residence at NES, Iceland. There is also more artwork in the Summer We Go Public program, programmed by Melody Woodnutt and Kathryn Sawyer at NES.

And of course, Guido has mad skill on the scissor lift!

The sky has run through to the sea

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You were standing beside me when I saw both of these, ephemeral as they were. Immense. So outside of me.

Also another project. For now it is a cross continental blog collaboration before we can realise it in more than two dimensions.

Hafsjá. On being of the sea. A collaboration of seascapes and oceans by Yogan Muller and Marlaina Read.

New sculpture/installation work. A place prepared for sleep.

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A place prepared for sleep / Staður undirbúin fyrir svefn. Found wood and iron, Icelandic wool. Skagastrond May 2013.

For the last opið hús at NES, Yogan made a sculpture from found materials he called Logn (calm). Two strings held a leaning shelf at an angle. As a response I made a sculpture of found wood, stacked, with light, and a string / cradle stretching from mine to his. A few days later we wanted to preserve the strings. I had thought about the mountain, but I had a dream about a place I had slept up on the cliffs behind our houses. I imagined the strings over that space, overlooking the sea.

So, we walked my string sculpture from the studio to the cliffs. We installed it over the space where I slept. The strings extend seven metres or so, and if you lie underneath they move and coalesce in the wind, and the strings look like how the waves sound. Meditative. Making liminal spaces habitable may generate new ideas of collectivity.

The piece is part of a public work / sculpture exhibition in Iceland – Summer We Go Public.

Thank you to Yogan Muller for inspiration. More images at Last image by Melody Woodnutt.

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