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July 15, 2014 § Leave a comment

I do a lot of walking/riding around as far as I can get – the roads are rocky and hilly, so my boundaries are not as far flung as I would like. On a recent ride I came across two abandoned and derelict buildings, one which is now just the worn down walls and foundation, with trees and plants growing in it like a makeshift botanic garden.

The second house has a circular area, almost like a grotto, which remind me of the Norman Lindsay house in the mountains in Sydney. I would like to make a work here.

There are so so many mosquitos that being spontaneous doesn’t really work. you have to slather yourself in mosquito repellant and wear, as I have started doing, a combat jacket, boots and a hat with a mesh wrap around head covering. I sort of look like a militarised bee-keeper.

I wish the mosquitoes had been outlined more. There may be mosquitos! No, there will be hundreds of them, swarming to every inch of bare skin not covered in repellant, and they will weed through your hair to sting your head. you will find it impossible to go for walks, rides, swim in the lake (whcih we did and then assaulted by mosquitos as our ward-off had slithered off in the water).

Swimming in the lake was fun but so nerve-wracking. Though I remember times in the tubes in the Murray River as a child, tethered to Nana’s houseboat, a persistant fear has grown in me of surrendering myself to the abyss of blackness, where things lurking are about to slide against your leg or bite your arse at any time.

Tonight I took three photographs on film before surrendering to the mosquito attack. I cant pretend its not frustrating.

house4 house3 house2 house1 house



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