Northern light

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There are things set in stone now for 2014. I find myself dreaming about it, especially the old growth forests, the light, the snow, the cold. The draw of the cold, the wild.

I have a solo exhibit at Bus Projects in Melbourne and am curating a group show in Melbourne with the theme of ‘work’, as in energy, effort and output.

First I will be at Mustarinda, Finalnd in July and August for a residency and exhibition program.


Then I will be  travelling to Tromsø, in north Norway, for September and October, for a residency and proprosed project with the Research Centre for High North Operations at the University of Tromsø – which I am hoping to get a grant for as an early career residency (meaning I could stay much longer).

My research now seems to centre around work in arctic and sub arctic climates, and fostering collectivity through exploring liminal space.

I didn’t take these images (google search).


my face seems like a mirror but is not

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sarah burwash
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Cover image by Sarah Burwash

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INVISIBLE CITY is an online magazine dedicated to showcasing contemporary visual art, sound and film by emerging artists from Australia and around the world. Issues are themed (sometimes). 

all the eyes closed

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I am so in love. With the work I have been making, and other things. The bitterness and sadness of the start of the year an the people like poison who tried to hurt me, these things are no longer front and centre. I regard them now with acceptance, some things I experienced so I could learn.

Next year will be Iceland again and Finland. Invisible City is almost done, save for some recent sickness of mine. In Finland I will be at Mustarinda for art-making and exhibition program which I have been invited to do.

Next year I have a solo show in Melbourne and a group show in Sydney. L from Iceland visited the last few weeks, and I loved the feeling of continuing that connection. S emailed me about a show and working together and I remember his beautiful nature… and beautiful glass work.

I feel like I have many eyes, perhaps this is from my delirium of the last few days being quite sick. J brought my neon work back from Melbourne on the train. A commitment to artwork I am eternally grateful to him for. J slept over on Friday, and I felt this level of intimacy that has been missing from my life. Even if it is as simple as someone sharing the space they sleep. That trust … I realised I like friendship like that. No expectation, just trust.

I spoke with N on ‘face time’ haha – but video chat I have realised is so powerful. I miss him so much. He hopes to visit in January, an event I feel like i have waited 13 years for.

The beautiful cold climates. These things we do for each other that are selfless. The artwork, the collaborations. I live for these things. I am happy.

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