September 10, 2013 § Leave a comment

You can smell it today. It is coming inside our building, inside our protected glass and concrete cube in the middle of the city. I am getting flashbacks to 2001-02 when there were bad bush fires in Sydney, especially in the Blue Mountains where I lived. The way it got in your hair, your clothes, your mind. The smell of threat.

This morning was windy and warm as I was making my way to work. It was overcast. Before I rose I could hear the wind and saw the subdued light from my bedroom door, and I assumed it would be cool. I had not remembered the flames then. I got to work and spoke about the warm wind and the bringing of spring, or summer. The longer nights of light, the feeling of being embraced by the air.

I have been having so many olfactory memories lately. This morning one also made me think of a Prince song, and then remembering spending time with J so long ago when I took photos of the red paintings, or the band as it was. Fires of the heart. That are not even embers anymore. Black dust kicked by your foot.

Then warm nights in Springwood. In one of these photos Jayde (who is 17 or so now) wore a red dress which was made for me when I was a child. It has smocking, and is soft. In it she sits in the backyard which was that time alight and filled with smoke.

tree doubtingthomas float2


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