September 8, 2013 § Leave a comment

this post is not about kingdoms at all. a big ride today 55km – very hilly – here is the route we took. then plus 11km for the ride to and from Wolli creek for the train.

i shimmied very ungracefully under a chainlink fence to a quarry to photograph some huge mounds of clay. filthy after that.

it is a different part of the city and I enjoyed the ride but it become sore for the last 15km.

I now am a proud owner of an sx-70 sonar polaroid land camera. the guy at the ‘smile please’ second-hand camera store around the corner on king street – he fixed my Yaschica Mat 124 so I need to photograph with that soon… I found a final roll of film from iceland – an infrared – what is on it….

maybe this is kingdoms, sets of classification. I am a bit of a blondie. That is a polaroid, photographed by my webcam. Scanner on my list of needed things. iceland in feb? film festival?

mmmmm Photo on 8-09-13 at 6.32 PM #2


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