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You can smell it today. It is coming inside our building, inside our protected glass and concrete cube in the middle of the city. I am getting flashbacks to 2001-02 when there were bad bush fires in Sydney, especially in the Blue Mountains where I lived. The way it got in your hair, your clothes, your mind. The smell of threat.

This morning was windy and warm as I was making my way to work. It was overcast. Before I rose I could hear the wind and saw the subdued light from my bedroom door, and I assumed it would be cool. I had not remembered the flames then. I got to work and spoke about the warm wind and the bringing of spring, or summer. The longer nights of light, the feeling of being embraced by the air.

I have been having so many olfactory memories lately. This morning one also made me think of a Prince song, and then remembering spending time with J so long ago when I took photos of the red paintings, or the band as it was. Fires of the heart. That are not even embers anymore. Black dust kicked by your foot.

Then warm nights in Springwood. In one of these photos Jayde (who is 17 or so now) wore a red dress which was made for me when I was a child. It has smocking, and is soft. In it she sits in the backyard which was that time alight and filled with smoke.

tree doubtingthomas float2



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this post is not about kingdoms at all. a big ride today 55km – very hilly – here is the route we took. then plus 11km for the ride to and from Wolli creek for the train.

i shimmied very ungracefully under a chainlink fence to a quarry to photograph some huge mounds of clay. filthy after that.

it is a different part of the city and I enjoyed the ride but it become sore for the last 15km.

I now am a proud owner of an sx-70 sonar polaroid land camera. the guy at the ‘smile please’ second-hand camera store around the corner on king street – he fixed my Yaschica Mat 124 so I need to photograph with that soon… I found a final roll of film from iceland – an infrared – what is on it….

maybe this is kingdoms, sets of classification. I am a bit of a blondie. That is a polaroid, photographed by my webcam. Scanner on my list of needed things. iceland in feb? film festival?

mmmmm Photo on 8-09-13 at 6.32 PM #2


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Today I tackle a 70km ride. Last week was around 60km, and it was hard. Overcast today, a suitable feeling.

The other day I saw a plane disappearing into the pale peach and powder blue clouds of a sunset. Last night it was the scorching lights coming through the night-time clouds. Roaring overhead.

Spent time with Lea yesterday, a beautiful woman I met in Iceland, but whom sometimes calls Australia her home. We talked about art, past relationships, art some more, family and of course… the lure of Iceland and the Vikings….

I better up and shower, at 8.30am or so it already feels like so much time has passed.

Neon & life

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The show opening at Kings ARI in Melbourne went well. As with all installs there were anxious moments (mine) regarding lighting and balance between works, and horrible visions of broken neon all over the floor… I took lots of install shots with my medium format, and I should have that film back at the end of the week. My friend Karen took this with her Future Phone though:

Neon sculpture of outline of Prophetess Mountain, Iceland

Prophetess Mountain, 2013, Neon on aluminium, 150cm x 100cm, installation shot.

Working in this medium is interesting. I have some other ideas, but maybe fluros would be as good.

Coming back to Sydney on Saturday night, it is strange how silent and calm a plane full of people can be towards the end of the night. The row I sat in, had no window.

Yesterday I rode out to Cronulla and back, via Sans Souci and the green cycle paths through the mangroves. About 60km. There were some interesting smells of dirt and the sea, and the sun which made me think of Adelaide. The government there have been planning to tear down the house I grew up in, my father’s house, to widen South Road, a main trucking corridor. Dad says maybe this won’t happen if the libs get in the next election. Thinking about it makes me so sad… the house has featured in so much of my work, let alone my life.

“The smell of jasmine. The colour of the roof on the old boarding house in Eveleigh, the same red turned dusty pink in a warm sun set as my father’s house.”

2085_126196490610_6503_n 561038_10152329189680611_1984156310_n

Going to Tasmania soon, for MoNA, visit UTas and check out the art school there… possibilities. Still feeling like I don’t belong anywhere. But having the sun come in the door to my room is a comfort. My Yashica Mat 124 is being fixed as well, another camera for me to work with.

Next year Is Finland, Norway, Iceland, USA, UK… maybe Lithuania. Next month is the video works. One is about industry and repetition, and execution of tasks, one is the snow storm as celestial event. Two visitors soon. One from Iceland, one from the US.

I also saw my friend Lea Donnan‘s show at Kudos recently – this is what I wrote to her, ”┬áIt was mesmerizing, and yes a little emotional for someone who knows the town. There was also this.. aggressive futility to some of the actions – so overt, powerful, using cars, guns, big things – but then exposing fragile cracks, bodies absorbing a gun kick-back, the ice that crumbles while wrapped in a blanket, the refuse and things left behind…”

This has become a mish-mash… I won’t ever stop hating others until I stop hating myself.

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