August 25, 2013 § Leave a comment

Tonight in a fit of boredom I went around the corner to the local new hipster drinking establishment, Earl’s. I had a gorgeous glass of Pinot Grigio and read another chapter of The Better Angels of our Nature.

On the walk home, down the dark part of the footpath, a familiar crushing/crackling sound and a bat emerged, flying very low to the ground, very close to me. I had what people describe as a visceral reaction. My body cowered, my stomach felt as if in my throat and then came a wave of nausea. I think I even growled/groaned to myself, “oh god.”

It flew by, furry largeness and revolting semi-opaque wings.

That brings me to high class. The submissions I have received so far for INVISIBLE CITY this round have been very good. I am particularly happy about opening to film / sound as , challenges of presentation aside, I think the different approaches to exploring ideas of remoteness give this issue a roundness, a sense of completion I have not felt before.

The quality is there, the breadth of discipline … the connection to the theme. I guess remote is relative, not always spatial, but emotional, personal, economic… politically.

The exchange between a thrill in a challenging submission, and a furtive mammal scare…


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