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My roommate and friend in Iceland, Stephen, made this video during our roadtrip around Iceland. I was in a car with him, Samantha, Ruud and Shaun. We circumnavigated, including the West Fjords, where only 2% of visitors to Iceland venture. There is something very calming and also Icelandic about this film, and of course is filled with nostalgia…

“All of the footage was filmed on a road trip with myself and four other artists from the Nes Project residency in Skagastrond, Iceland. After our first week here, we decided to rent a car and circumnavigate the country. A Ru’nta was described to me as “kids slowly driving circles around town in a shit car to hang out with each other and get away from the parents.” In a way, I felt the five of us had embarked on our own Runta’ of sorts.”



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Tonight in a fit of boredom I went around the corner to the local new hipster drinking establishment, Earl’s. I had a gorgeous glass of Pinot Grigio and read another chapter of The Better Angels of our Nature.

On the walk home, down the dark part of the footpath, a familiar crushing/crackling sound and a bat emerged, flying very low to the ground, very close to me. I had what people describe as a visceral reaction. My body cowered, my stomach felt as if in my throat and then came a wave of nausea. I think I even growled/groaned to myself, “oh god.”

It flew by, furry largeness and revolting semi-opaque wings.

That brings me to high class. The submissions I have received so far for INVISIBLE CITY this round have been very good. I am particularly happy about opening to film / sound as , challenges of presentation aside, I think the different approaches to exploring ideas of remoteness give this issue a roundness, a sense of completion I have not felt before.

The quality is there, the breadth of discipline … the connection to the theme. I guess remote is relative, not always spatial, but emotional, personal, economic… politically.

The exchange between a thrill in a challenging submission, and a furtive mammal scare…


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Submissions are now open for Issue 07 REMOTE

>> Islands, desert, mountains, isolation, loneliness, resourcefulness, space, lack of communication, new community, being lost, finding things, independence, scare resources, light and weather, trust.

Submissions close 10 September 2013.



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Working with a Melbourne company, Delta Neon, to make this Prophetess Mountain sculpture. It’s not a medium I have worked with before, but I have often thought about it. The neon works perfectly to give a mystical charge to the shape of Spákonufell, and of course the neon glow of the mountain covered in snow, blinding days. If it goes well I will work on my next ideas working with images and writing from Iceland using neon and metallic photographic prints. 

Now to get a new computer and video editing software to begin on the several films I have sketched out for some upcoming video art festivals.

All the lights which can be seen at the same time

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The shape of mountains. The weight of mountains. Stand at the base, the summit, the precipice. See how the clouds bend around the mountains? See how the light falls through and down, cascading like water. So many aspects seen at once. How everything changes.

Falinn – Hidden

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Before Yogan and I walked the strings from the studio to the cliffs and installed them there, they lived in the studio at NES. I made a wood pile with a light inside and the strings extended across the room, intersecting with Yogan’s work. His was a shelf suspended at an angle also by string. Our works spoke to each other of a tension, possibility, potential.

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The more I think about it, the more I miss it. In a small town. My friend Margaret had images canoeing in the Yukon. I want to visit there too.

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