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So excited to be presenting my first light sculpture at Kings ARI in Melbourne opening Friday, 30 August. My work is inspired by the glory of Spákonufell, the prophetess mountain of Þordis, in Skagaströnd, Iceland.

In Iceland, the words and sayings of sagas and hidden folk, Christianity and the old gods are somewhat arcane and indistinct and run as an undercurrent—mirrored in opposite by the constant visible presence of this mountain.

The unique outline of this looming rock, holding at bay a potent mystical/religious power casts a strange energy over people who live and stay in Skagaströnd. There is no place in town that it cannot be seen. And it changes size and colour in the shifting light. What is hidden and what is known and how these things can change, depending where you are.


Two aspects of Iceland in May

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just some personal stuff

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Going to Melbourne this weekend. It is supposed to rain the whole time and be cold. In a way I am looking forward to that. I am going to see a bunch of gallery spaces for some show plans. One gallery has a strange floor which I am hoping may provide some installation inspiration.

I got a test on Wednesday for my ITP. Came back at just shy of 80 for my platelet count (normal is 150-200 and danger zone probably under 40) – so it seems the gluten free is going well to stabalise. Still bruising a bit but it’s not as mottled so the doc says it seems to be settling down.

It feels like I have been doing a lot lately. 

Love / Hate Mail

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My friend Yuula B has a new project called Love / Hate Mail.

One of the entries: This is what an abusive asshole looks like.


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collidon iceeee ridges
Adventures in film-based processing.

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pictures of people and things of the last journey round the world.


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Aron got a nose bleed at one of our shindigs. He went to the bathroom and splashed some water on his face. After, in the kitchen, I noticed there was some still on his hand. He said, ‘This does not matter to Icelanders, but if it bothers you I will wash it off.”

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