No order

June 11, 2013 § Leave a comment

Digital Camera
Allies from unexpected places thank you. Last night I dreamed I was in a car with some women – I know them but from where (life, TV, pop culture??) – and we were driving in NYC. We had taken a road out to the east, trying to get to a really nice village on the outskirts of Manhattan  Not to Jersey mind… but as we were driving we had to go up a steep hill. W e could not drive the steeper one, but the one less steep well.. the driver she said the car would not make it.

This dream also coincided with another where i am living or travelling with a group and we stay by the sea. There is always some strange aspect to the beach, a whale, cliffs, a house on stilts.

Today after waking the second time (first time was 4.30am) I rode out to ALexandria, I bought a special plate for cheap cheap. I came home and Wyatt brought over a clothes rack. Then he took me to Midnight Special and shouted me a couple of drinks. It was nice to catch up and see him. The bartender even gave us free rum shots with orange wedges dipped in cinnamon.

I have no money but need to develop all my film. I applied for a job and need to do more. my ankles are swollen and sore always. I watched youtube videos on ways to exercise them.

I miss you all. Especially my women friends.


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