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Two things cascading. Sleet storm front. A jump. Two new housemates in May. Spring has started and this morning the snow fell in millions of fat little flakes.

Kate and I’s submission to Electrofringe – working on the proposal this weekend and also for two other shows. My stomache murmuring continues. A moment recently of pitching howling sadness, so visceral – I dont think I have been that upset is perhaps… 5 years?

Anyway it is over now and I am just moving on, working, making, thinking art. Smiling. lying on the ground.


Painting number 1

April 22, 2013 § 1 Comment


Spákonufell, Prophetess Mountain of Þordis # 1
Ink finger-painting on Hahnemühle paper, 78 x 106cm, 2013

This is the first painting in a series I am doing inspired by this mountain. When I wake up it is the first thing I look at. If the colour or light or cloud formation strikes me, I get on my coat and pants and trundle out to photograph.

I dont ever paint. My ‘form’ is such that i am not confident with a brush, how they operate, how to make things not just look like basic line work. So I used ink, black and white, and used my fingers and hand to craft the image. There is something quite instinctual in me to use hands. I often eat with my hands too. I also find it odd to use a pen or pencil.

The next one is a blue image of the mountain cloaked in a halo of cloud. Chris and Mel brought back some fur and leather from their out of town trip today, and they gave me a small piece of blue. It looks like a sky.

I have also asked another artist from Nes, Katelyn Clark, who was here last month, to work on an installation piece of soundscape and film. She has a doctorate in musicology and when she was here she played this amazing improvised piece in the local church on her custom made organetto – an instrument from the 12th century i think. The sounds were so perfect, long, calling like ship horns. I have some ideas for metronomes.

Plus my boat and trek up the mountain with said boat will be in a public program and catalogue ‘Summer we go public’ here in Iceland. I am all over doing some proposals for back home too, and Electrofringe….


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the snow does strange things to my ocular sensitivity. the brightness of the fresh powdered snow sparks at the edge of my vision field. It made my hair gleam in front of my eyes as if under a black light. the outlines of my legs and arms as I walked had traces of ultraviolet in their wake, auras. certain light must bounce back, refracted, coating all the lines and contours with a fuzz of liquid purple, blue, glow.

Pulsating. Inside the supermarket it took ages for my eyes to adjust and when I closed them a lake of green. degenerate eyesight. pulsar state.

Dear dear

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Dear dear

When the dog pressed her paws to my chest, I felt sore and alive. She wanted to be a sentry. I wanted to be a platform.

Your collusion is my illusion

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And we would go on as though nothing was wrong.
And hide from these days we remained all alone.
Staying in the same place, just staying out the time.
Touching from a distance,
Further all the time.

í dögun – in the dawn

April 8, 2013 § 1 Comment

Photo on 8-04-13 at 6.00 AM
Photo on 8-04-13 at 6.00 AM #3
It is the dawn here. I have been sick and sleeping poorly. But now I am up – 6am and this is the start of everything. I have my coffee, breakfast and a shower ahead. then the studio where I will work on my painting. Then fashion a way to drag all this new wood 1km over a beach and river. There s a bike with no seat I may be able to fashion a sled sort thing – tie a tarp with the wood and drag it, then lop it over the river.

I hope my camera charger comes today.  The sky is lilac right now. Yesterday the mountain was covered in fog all the way down. I took some amazing video one day of a snow storm rolling in over the water.

I feel like I am becoming unstuck, but this feels like the place for it.

Spákonufell – Prophetess Mountain of Þordis

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This is the mountain over Skagastrond. It changes colour. I like when it is pink in the sunset. And Neon in the edge of twilight and cold slate just before dawn.

I am making paintings of this with ink and my fingertips. I have been sick the last few days and sleeping a lot. I hope to get over that soon.

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