Skagaströnd day 16

March 19, 2013 § Leave a comment

There is another snow storm today, the wind is high and outside is all white, can just see the wood workshop across the street.

A few people in the studios yesterday were looking at the weather maps and it showed pinks and purples on the wind scale. This means winds of 40-50km per hour, with snow. The wind chill will likely mean the temp feels like -14 celsius, while the actual temperature is about -4.

People who are here now, like Margaret who lives in Dawson City in the Yukon is used to it being much colder, but for me and also Lidia, who is from Brazil, the weather is something of a revelation.

I took some video last night of the snow fall as it was just starting up and it looks like stars. That will be a work I think, the atmosphere of a weather experience is more celestial than imagined.

I have not left the house today and am concerning myself with household duties which I have been neglecting. I ordered a bunch of art supplies, ink and paper and watercolours, they should arrive in the post in the next few days and I am really interested in seeing what I can produce in that way (not my usual mediums).

I am also cultivating some moss, which has just started to peek through the snow and ice which blankets a lot of the ground. Some of it is so vibrant, a plush carpet, some is like a thick spongy blanket, and others are strands like hair that weave and course over rocks, dirt, weeds…


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