March 3, 2013 § 3 Comments

I am quite taken by Iceland. The trip from the airport to Reykjavik was magical, but I had not had much sleep in the past 45 hours or so…

The drive went through some lava fields, expanses of black and dark brown and slate rock beds, firmly covered in moss. There were cairns built up all along the way, not the haphazard kind of American walking trails, but deliberate, perfect. Because of the way some volcanic rock cools, a lot of the rock formations are geometric so you see naturally forming cube rocks and so they are wonderful for stacking this way.

I get a sense that there is a strong tie of Icelandic people to the land, this young land (geologically young). It manifests itself in the people as a kind of youthful outlook/demeanour/insouciance. There is forwardness and a lack of piety about personal space, as if we are all just in a new place where old customs of the person do not apply.

Tomorrow I am to Skagastrond. I have met people who have been and some who will go, and everyone has given me tips of places to explore – pools, calderas, fields, waterfalls, monoliths in the water, the black beaches.

What I mean to say is I feel happy and not at all weary.


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