The form of water

January 14, 2013 § Leave a comment

I read a book about six months ago about the delineation of water and land, that liminal space of brackish water, marshes, tides, estuaries, river mouths, tidal pools, bayous. The sorts of objects there, tidal markers, lighthouses, flotsam and jetsam – ships that pass over this and through that. I find this sort of language very very interesting. I also love the terminology and dictionaries that sailors made in the 1600-1800s – those who took journeys to the arctic and other areas, names for ice flows, ice sheets, hard and soft snow, icebergs in formation. I wonder how many other local or site specific vernaculars exits to describe the water/land meeting points, their tributies, and the petering of known things from a shoreline. A dictionary of known water forms and their angularities.

Then imagine making all of them with light sculptures.


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