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You feel frustrated in your attempts to make your will manifest itself in a relationship, either public or private. This frustration can be seen by others as an irritability or anxiety and occasionally as a tendency to drift into self-righteous anger. There is a feeling that society or people around you are holding you back, which can lead to moral exhaustion and a sense of apathy if allowed to fester. Ultimately, if this continues, you will long only to be alone. You are easily stimulated by external events and will often seek stimulation as a means of self-fulfillment. A sense of personal emptiness often drives your desire for experience and thrills. Sometimes these can be seen as ways to connect with the outside world, which seems distant and unresolved. You feel great amounts of anxiety if you believe that restraints are being placed on you, either mentally, physically or emotionally. Any limits on your self-determination are viewed with hostility.


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