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I missed it. As I got off the plane in Sydney, the first thing I felt was the warm humidity, I could feel the rain. I love the summer storms of my country. Going to the cafe, the pub for a steak. Getting sick of course though, from the plane… so mostly I have been sleeping and mooching on the couch, hugging the cat. My sister gets married in four days. I am to make a speech. My friends are having a baby, the best news. Sad news too, but the rain seems to make it easier to cometo terms with events, words. The man at the supermarket recognised me. We made food at the house. I called my father and sister. Anyway. Home.



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Fearless narrator. Red hair, more hairdresser straight hair fetishists.

Books for the North – more reading

January 23, 2013 § 1 Comment

Albanov, In the Land of White Death
Barrow, Chronological History of Voyages into the Arctic Regions
Basho, The Narrow Road to the Deep North
Berton, Arctic Grail
Brandt, ed., The North Pole: A Narrative History
Davidson, The Idea of North
de Veer, Three Voyages of William Barentsz
Dillard, “An Expedition to the Pole”
Greely, Three Years of Arctic Service
Guttridge, The Ghosts of Cape Sabine
Kane, Arctic Explorations in Search of Sir John Franklin
Loomis, Weird and Tragic Shores
Lunde & Stone, Ibn Fadlan and the Land of Darkness
Mancall, Fatal Voyage
Mirsky, To the Arctic!
Nansen, Farthest North; In Northern Mists
Ransmayr, The Terrors of Ice and Darkness
Scoresby, An Account of the Arctic Regions
Shelley, Frankenstein
Spufford, I May be Some Time: Ice and the English Imagination
Verne, The Adventures of Captain Hatteras
Wilkinson, The Ice Balloon

Postgrad Schools – PhD

January 22, 2013 § 1 Comment

I have been doing a lot of research lately and contacting some o/s graduate research schools at art colleges,mainly in Britain. So far I really like Goldsmiths and Slade. Slade particularly as Tacita Dean is a grad and lectures there and I am so connected to her work.

In Australia the choices are also good and I was reading the ARC’s recent Excellence in Research for Australia National Report – they list the University of Sydney (Sydney College of the Arts) and University of NSW (College of Fine Arts) at the top for visual arts and art theory and criticism. I have attended both of those universities (USyd for undergrad, UNSW for MFA) and I am not sure who I would want to be my supervisor looking at current faculty, nor which is the best in terms of associated research (though with my interest in cultural geography maybe USyd).

I know also if I do enrol with an Australian university there is very good opportunity to do a year overseas with a British institution due to strong commonwealth ties and partnerships between some of the more prestigious universities in the UK and Scotland. Australia also seems to have more generous funds to attend conferences, forums and masterclasses, and the APA and other ARC funding opportunities can be significant.

Anyway I am gathering information on scholarships in particular for o/s study. I have also been collating some ideas for a proposal, and while I initially thought 2014 was the year it could also be 2015 depending, as I want to do some further travel. I will be 33/34 at that time – but it seems acceptable.

Do you have any recommendations – experiences – ideas -websites I should look at?

Confessions of a storm

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ImageHis mouth is the open circle of a drowning man, swallowing air as if it were water, swimming still against the ground. I am the water dragging him to the seabed where the light doesn’t shine and where bodies no longer rise—they sink with the force of gravity.

When they find him drowned and lying in the grass I will cry for I know my part in it. Here even when I hear his words they move slowly through the liquid air that surrounds us thick and strong. I can see his death as if it had already happened.

Jesus, come and save me from the storm, from the storm from the flood, the flood waters that envelope us. Jesus I am a torrent of cold, cold water swimming faster through the creek beds, faster from the murky sky. I am constant agitated condensation sticking to the lining of your lungs making you choke and making you sick.

Your weight makes me a sinker.


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We look at a forest and say:
Here is a forest for ships and masts,
Red pines,
Free to the tops of their shaggy burden,
To creak in the storm
In the furious forestless air

Osip Mandelshtam, Whoever Finds a Horseshoe, 1923

My whole life is a trust exercise

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Churning water. Icicles, smoke stacks. Choreographed trust exercise, side by side, grab shoulders lean out, slip the grip, upper arm, spring and slip, to elbow, then leaning and gripping wrists, v shaped bodies, then spring and grip back up. Trust not to let the other fall. Over and over. Breakers. Hyperrealistic colours for people. Black and white pulsing water. One two three, regimented, exact, rythym, breath, pulse, futility, strength. Arm elbow wrist. Part of ideas for Passages, new body of work. Water, faith, formation, exactitude. Deference. Arrival. Wills.

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